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Ours Service

  • Ours service
Ours service

Ours Service:

1. The technical personnel of our company shall communicate with the technical representatives of customers in detail before the sale of the products. If necessary, the processed products shall be sampled and the production shall be carried out after confirmation by both parties.

2. In the process of equipment production, our company will invite customers to supervise and guide the production process and quality on the production site.

3. When the equipment is finished and the delivery conditions are met, we will invite customer representatives to conduct pre-acceptance of the equipment.

4. After the completion of the equipment on site, we will also train the customer operation and maintenance personnel on the use and maintenance of the equipment.

5. Reply by phone or email within two hours after receiving customer service request.

6. If the customer still can't solve the problem through phone or email, our professional after-sales staff will arrive at the customer's equipment site within 24 hours.

7. Our company keeps stock of the parts and components commonly used for the equipment and ensures adequate supply.